Tips for Selecting a Reputable and Reliable Real Estate Agent

Tips for Selecting a Reputable and Reliable Real Estate AgentWhether you are buying or selling a home or property having a good top performing real estate agent represent you can make the task so much more easier. With the recent boom in real estate markets gone bust so many real estate agents who had gone through ten years of good times are now falling over one another vying for your business. So where do you start?

To begin with check to see if they are a member in good standing of the local, state and national association of Realtors. Only those who are in good standing with this organization can call themselves “realtors”, otherwise by definition they are referred to as an “agent”.

Ask if they are full time or part time in the business and what hours they can be reached at. This is important, because they are not only dealing with you but also the seller and if they are spending the majority of their time golfing or fishing it can become a problem when you go to finalize a deal.

Years of experience is also very important as well and knowledge of the type of real estate that they are selling is also important. For instance, if you are in the market for a condo you will want a realtor’s that is completely familiar with standard rules and regulations involving the ownership of a condo.

How does he or she communicate? Are you comfortable. An experienced realtor will know that ever person they deal with doesn’t buy from them, so they should not treat you differently then they would any other potential client if they determine that you are perhaps not a motivated buyer.

One thing that you want to also make sure of is that they are in relatively good shape if you plan on scouting around for a great deal. While this might sound odd, some years back a friend got involved with a realtor that was so overweight that he couldn’t go up the stairs at some homes that they went to and had to be hospitalized at one point for a heart condition while she was dealing with him.

She felt so sorry for the man that she waited for him to get out of the hospital and ended up driving herself around and looking at a list of homes that he had given her. It is important to remember that before you buy a home and particularly a home with property you will want to look it over completely.

It is important in this day and age that your real estate agent should be tech savvy, so they can at least email you and be able to offer you simple information such as the values of surrounding homes in the neighborhood that you are considering buying a home in. Also, you will not want to have to deal with a realtor that is over bearing or comes off as a con artist.

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